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Personal Property
What types of personal property can I donate?

A donation of tangible personal property can provide unique mutual benefits both to you and the Legion which might not be realized from donations of other types of assets.


"Tangible personal property" is defined as property that can be physically touched, excluding land and improvements (buildings and permanent structures).


Examples of tangible personal property include:

  • Antiques


  • Artwork


  • Collectibles


  • Precious gems and metals


  • Stamp and coin collections


  • Motor vehicles

Donations of personal property can be made by many a trust, in your will, or as an outright gift.

How can I learn more about how a donation of personal property can provide mutual gifts to me and the Legion?

  • Read stories of people like you and their investment


  • Ask any question through chat...bottom right of this page or a quick-submittal form


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