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Stocks & Securities
How does a gift of stock or securities work?

Direct gifts of stock or other securities are simple and are often more advantageous for you than an outright gift of cash. With stock that has appreciated in value, if you sell that stock yourself and subsequently give the proceeds to the Legion, you'll still be responsible for paying a capital gains tax on the profit.

On the other hand, giving the stock directly to the Legion allows you to realize certain benefits (like avoiding capital gains tax).


You can also make a gift of stock or securities to a trust that can fund more sophisticated planned gifts, like a gift annuity as one example.

Donations of stock or securities can be made by many a trust, in your will, or as an outright gift.

How can I learn more about how a donation of personal property can provide mutual gifts to me and the Legion?

  • Read stories of people like you and their charitable investments with the Legion


  • Ask any question through chat...bottom right of this page or a quick-submittal form

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