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"Only the living can praise you as we do today."

Isaiah 38:19

"The communion of persons
means existing in a 'for the other' relationship of mutual gift."

Saint John Paul the Great

You love the Church, and in that spirit you and the Legionaries of Christ share a mutual mission to transform the culture of the world. We impact thousands of lives as we’re embraced in love by supporters like you with whom we are blessed to share mutual gifts.

In that spirit of mutual gifts, you can support the Legion’s vital mission in the world, and receive returns on your giftnow…for you and your loved ones.

The Lord surely has a plan for our death, but might He have an even greater plan for our life? A plan perhaps that the Lord, the Legion and your legacy might come together in a sharing of mutual gifts….on a journey of mutual mission….rejoicing in His plan for living?

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